ELECTRIC URANUS / X-NAVI:ET "Voices of the Cosmos" digipack CD 2011

Project "VOICES OF THE COSMOS" is an educational-artistic initiative created by two artists from Kujawsko-Pomorskie: Rafał Iwański (X-NAVI:ET) and Wojciech Zięba (ELECTRIC URANUS). Both of them have lot of experience in creating experimental and electroacoustic music. In recordings of this album original extraterrestrial sounds captured from space by radio-telescopes (pulsars), sounds from space missions and the space itself.
The concept that is not new of course to use the sounds of the space to incorporate them into the music piece has been re-invented here. I already knew the past experience of both artists and I didn't expect nothing which is out of the trail of their previous achievements which is actually stunning on different levels. On the other hand I was thinking about prog rock concept albums or El-music concept albums made by elderly beardy hippie synth geeks which proved to be both boring and sophisticated.
40 minutes and a little more of the material is just fair enough to convey a postcard from a journey. Far more than that it can help you to get inside the traveller's mind and fllow it as it goes astray. The travelling is a means and an art of disappearing as Nicholas Bouvier said. The art of dipping your ego into the experience and transforming human consciousness and an uplifting experience it is.
The droney facet of this art is undeniable but there's more than just that which makes it really worth listen.


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