RAPOON - Seeds in the Tide Volume 01 - 2CD // ZOHAR 038-2

Zoviet France was always great to watch as it evolved so welcoming new incarnation of it - Robin Storey's Rapoon - was fun to listen. It's been over 20 years since it started and as I reckon this compilation of 2 cds which cover vast array of the offset tracks really shows how diverse the act is. Thanks to Zoharum we can now see how it developed through years.
Ambient was the primary idiom of the actual set up but as it grew and grew other parts were incorporated - from beaty melancholical tapestries of pensiveness to more dramatic. Rapoon fills this gap between more gloomy darkery and leads to mildly experimental roughness.
The second of cds is actually a re-edit of cd-r "Messianicghosts" which has been long run out.
This one has a very orchestral touch, not a tiny grain of low pitched layers of darkness in the first track, then followed by something what was the essence late 1990's and early 2000's post-industrial - really well composed and no bore at all.
I have a really big problem with Rapoon - it is a sort of "easy listening" music but in a way that you cannot resist to admit the subtle beauty of it. Thanks Zoharum for this release.


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