Mia Zabelka Zahra Mani Lydia Lunch - Medusa's bed

Polish record label - Monotype has been releasing for quite a time some really decent works of free improvised and outer limits genre. As time goes by it is really difficult to fit them into one specific idiom or classification which proves to be a very good sign that they put a lot of work into developing a free and open idea for marketing the music and actually make the obsolete categories to be put aside.
I couldn't help to have some very specific objectives and specific expectations when I was waiting for this cd to be shipped and listened - well it's been a short while since I heard anything from this label and definitely from those musicians.
Unjustifiably it may I always tend to favour the music composed by women but to me apart from the composer's idea the emotions and the general output that should be branded with "listenable" feature tends to be more and more important. After all consuming (if I may use this term) experimental music ( whatever it is defined by) needs some extra boost - a scenario to it, a narrative.
And so I was graced with that to great extent I may say as Lydia Lunch's narratives give this piece a great value.
I wasn't expecting music to be that encapsulated in the form of clear composition. I was expecting something more improvised but to cut things straight - the form benefitted from it. A soundtrack of edgy chamber music with no overactiveness of glitches and sonorities with very firm base of drones composed of instruments and preparations give a very nice, fresh outlook into the edgy experience of soundbath.
Every instrument especially electric guitar and Mia Zabelka's excellent violin is set example of how to collaborate with each other and not to overdo it. It's a manual to it. A very exciting one too.


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