X-NAVI:ET "Dead City Voice"

Rafał  Iwański, a nomad with his home base in Polish city of Toruń has been long experimenting with rhythm and sound starting from post-punk in early 1990's moving on then to pos-industrial and finally evolving into hybrid of minimal art of rhythm inspired by so many innovators of XXth century so it's almost impossible to count. His project Hati with Rafał Kołacki has been active for over 10 years gaining great reputation based on their own recordings as well as records with master veteran of post industrial magick Z'ev - drumming qballist.

"Dead City Voice" published on 12" vinyl by Eter Records & Zoharum and on tape by Instant Classic is an album by Rafał's solo project X-NAVI:ET.

A quite a smooth transition from tribal beats with minimal ascension into subtle electroacoustic music was  actually very refreshing stuff bearing in mind that the thin line between the pompous dark ambient clichee is an easy one to cross. Rafał treads this verge and actually strays away from that. There is something familiar about this music. It's like a soundtracky field trip into the epic story telling without narrator.

Also accumulating so many different experiences - playing with Z'ev, Hati, Innercity Ensemble makes Rafał a great musician and someone who's music will be always interesting to look forward to.


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