Zeitkratzer "Metal Machine Music"

Glorious classic of Lou Reed's unexpected outburst of creative experiment phantom haunts again in a more distinctive form devoid of guitar rock facade.
Zeitkratzer is a collective of classically trained musicians who are especially known as thos paraphrasing and re-defining the contemporary expermental music and hybridysing it into a completely new shapes re-structuring it.
Metal Machine Music is a great example of it, as the list of "collaborators" not only opens itself to still alive composers but gets the sceletons out of closet such as Lou Reed.
It's still viable to listen to it and adding some extra percentage of trust I approached it with certain amount of dexterity and curiosity.
It's definitely a great album whose paradoxically serious mood is broken few times just to remind that it's not certain what to predict later as it progresses.
The hypothesis of nailing it by those musicians was a bit feeble but nevertheless the attempt became not just a off-top mirage. It's a steady calleidoscopic journey that takes me deeper to sounds which I couldn't have imagined if I did it just by analysing the differences between the original and the album present here. Right on!


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