[peru] Strach+ Ktoś z nich

It's been a whole lotta while since I reviewed an album related to so-called rock music. While the grace and privilege of getting a name of its own and the file under: noise rock has been here for a while since 1980's many transfigurations and modifications alter its original shape.
Peru, a band from Poland tirelessly touring and playing anywhere they can has put out these two albums on their bandcamp page. It already shows the maturity and the clarity of the vision they have - a 3 piece band with strong rhythm section and roughness of the guitar back up. Riffs rarely steer away to obliterate themselves in feedback frenzy but they are more into keeping up the themes going along with the bass lines. Something that you wouldn't get in eerie arrangements of let's say: The Cows - it goes together with Hammerhead, Lungfish
The other part is the lyrics - socially oriented and definitely taking it back to the street lyricism of 1980's/1990's hard core punk from Poland but there is more to it than just a background of it - it's alive with vivid metaphors, and true to the bone, authentic and simply moving.
[peru] is the band that not only shows a form that contains different influences but something of a mature, pure form that I really enjoyed after taking hiatus from rock in this shape. Great recommendation!


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