Duozero - Esperanto by Small Voices recs

1 Prana (5:28)
Voice - Marc Girard
2 The Moving Box (5:43)
Tape, Other [Devices] - Aristide Leonetti
3 The Rhyme Of The Ancient Mariner (7:03)
Lyrics By - Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Voice - Massimo Zamboni
4 September (5:11)
Vocals - Alessia Bertozzi
5 L'Uomo Precario (5:34)
Voice - Davide Bregola
6 One Single Man (6:17)
Vocals - Kalhari Bushmen
7 Slap (2:26)
Lyrics By - Dobrisa Cesaric
Voice - Milorad Sepic
8 Illogico (6:58)
Electronics - Kenko Oshi
9 The Way Life Would Be (6:24)
Tape, Other [Devices] - Aristide Leonetti
10 Killer Shark (4:48)
Voice - Gabriele Tesauri
11 Esperanto (5:20)
12 Il Cerchio (3:18)
Voice - Marco Valerio Amico
13 September (Tilomo Mix) (7:22)
Guitar [Ebow, Afrobeat Filter], Bass [Fretless], Percussion - Tilomo
Remix , Co-producer, Engineer - Tim Motzer

Hard to classify set of songs which goes on the edge of spoken word which strangely reminds me of Laurie Anderson's albums ( as for the manner of delivery but not the vocal style or english accent which is italian - makes it even more original).
Atmospheric and nostalgic sounds make a nice packaging of sometimes even a pastel tone, painter's brush.
The songs are a bit lost between new wave and technoidal aggravated rhythms. Vocals make it more of an actor performance. Finds its way as a background stuff with nice ideas to focus on from time to time.

available at www.newnihilism.com


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