G 005 : YÔKO HIGASHI, LIONEL MARCHETTI - "OKURA 73°N - 42°E" Musica Genera 2009

Une musique concrète composée par Lionel Marchetti, 2005

Tournage sonore original sur le Stubnitz - Rostock/Deutschland
Sons fixés, synthétiseurs analogiques: Lionel Marchetti
Présences vocales additives via radio CB Midland: Olivier Capparos, Eric Pellet
Remerciements: Robert Piotrowicz, Anna Zaradny, Jérôme Noetinger, Stubniz tanker team...

Lionel Marchetti works in the field of musique concrete which he personally refers to as "loudspeaker art". Various collaborations and his solo work gave a really refreshing view to what is sound and how it can be used.
Here with Yoko Higashi works out the formula of spectral collage based on the field recorded sounds and voices mingled with modulars which he crafts beautifully in 3 pieces. The material is not too long which gives this special kind of feeling that you strive for more. But it is a perfect scenario. No useless sounds, no maiming the listener with some promises which aren't kept then. Great work!

available at www.newnihilism.com


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