Bhob Rainey - "6 Standing desert" Fringes Recordings 2000

I still remind myself the beautiful evening in a small yet very active club in Dublin called Lazybird where Bhob and Greg Kelly joined forces together as nmperign and played marvellous acoustic concert. What struck me was the intimacy and the adequateness of their play.
"6 standing desert" is a solo piece by Bhob originally released as a split with Kevin Drumm by Fringes recordings - now available as downloadable re-issue.
Tracks that Bhob presents here on his favourite soprano sax contain a certain amount of space that can be merely acquainted by acoustic instruments' use which is great. Buzzes, sonorous hisses and yet some tonal introduction build a tense scenario of a deeper kind. Improvised? well I gues yes, but...all trakcs seem rather a guided improvisation which leads to a composition. The structure and its elements play the key role in maintaining the separate tones into one piece.
Listening it in the morning as I have done just now gave me a really nice start for the day - transposing mind into bloom of your imagination- into the garden of sound delights...


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