One History of Troy by Chen I Pitcher I Van Nort

Jonathan Chen on viola nad violin, Jefferson Pitcher on guitars, clarinet, providing field recordings and playground, Doug Van Nort - electronics and Greis.
3 gentlemen in tribute to the late Pauline Oliveros put us on a white knuckle ride of dynamic improvisation where climax is served carefully in a unorthodox mix of granular synthesis mixed with acoustic instruments and field recording. 
The whole album is a swathe of meditative sounds with a bit of rhythmic quality to it. A showcase of truly utopian idea to blend different genres where we meet the American brass band idiom with Arabic chant.
Pauline developed this idea of mixing both electroacustic improvisation with live electronics to the absolute perfection - Chen, Pitcher and Van Nort help to re-invent it or look at it from a different angle. 
The other aspect is the conceptual background of psychogeographical journey between Troy in New York and Moroccan province of Chefchaouen. Tresspassing the borders and understanding how the changing cultural landscape affects our perception of music is something crucial here.
A very diverse piece with amusing context.


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