Bhob Rainey - "A flickering bid" (2008, originally released on Compost and Height as a split 3" with Ferran Fages)

Another outburst from Bhob Rainey.Released together with portuguese improviser Ferran Fages in 2008 on a nice 3" cdr.
Flickering bid makes its way as a great soundtrack for those moments when we feel like having a bit of intimate space for ourselves.
Toned down and tranquil compositions of soprano sax soundscapes, full of gentility and almost noir feel to it...and I don't mean the clichee stuff. This is a real deal - rare and unique in its kind.
I always felt that free-improvisation scene sometimes tends to go into the direction that the musicians don't feel like doing - yet they do so. Bhob operates with the improvisation idiom well over the edgy borders of mannerism and being schematical which is a great asset to his intuitive and emotional piece of work.


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