Bhob Rainey Two Bites of a Bitter Sweet (2006, originally released on Evolving Ear as a 7" vinyl single)

Different face of Bhob...
He utilizes some other tools to create...well...I'd tend to call this a radio programme with a clear set of tonal pursuits that lead to a piece of great variability and sound experience.
Field recorded and modulated samples remind me of well-structured musique concrete tracks which this album is indeed. I don't recognize much of a sax which Bhob uses as his main instrument- all here is dip into the ever evolving harmony of sound narration - dense and unified, letting itself to be and happen but under certain conditions - point by point leading to the place where everything dissolves.
The introvertive trip to how we can feel walking down the streets and see things, hear them, touch them almost...
Bhob makes it in a very down-to-the point manner. There are no disfunctional excerpts- all of them play their role beautifully focusing on the output they generate as a whole - which again is an asset of Rainey as a musician and composer.


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