Dawid Szczęsny "Lukated Symmetry" 2008 Porter Records

Dawid Szczęsny is a young fella whose records were known to me via Monotype which released two albums with his appearance. I remember his solo stuff as a laptopscapic stuff with strong influences of Christian Fennesz which was nice actually bearing in mind fact that Dawid was quite a freshman. Talking to him in Warsaw Centre of Contemporary Art made me think of different person and artist - dwelving deeper to the roots of music especially jazz...well I reckoned that it is a kind of clichee but still at the same time didn't want to make any preassumptions to underestiamte his stuff. And today I got this beautifuly packaged cd and fell for it completely.
The resonance of his influnces and the development as an artist is undoubtely apparent. Vibrant of percussive samples and turntablistic feel to it give a sort of blend you automatically join with downtempo or Ninja Tune stylistics - yet Dawid gives it only a skeleton which is a background to not really clichee groovy material. It resonates with more pensive soundscape and gives a great outlet for fresh ideas which Dawid chose to create it.


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