Jeff Gburek / Remote Provinces by Aural Terrains

Jeff Gburek - man of the hour as for very varied collaborations and artistic pursuits.
Multi disciplinarian, relocates quite often which gives his records a really fresh and deep feel of exploring different spectres and angles of sound phenomena. His means are usually prepared guitar techniques, signal processing, open source applications as well as turntables and computer generated sounds.
You might easily classify this records as field recorded sounding ambient but the great advantage is that it doesn't fall into cheap and easy classification.
Jeff's musical background gave him a really interesting feel to what he does. Be it Keith Rowe, Tetuzi Akiyama, Michael Vorfeld, Pascal Battus, Annette Krebs, Raven Chacon, Tom Carter, Yannick Franck or Olivier Pe - all these musicians and working with them contributed greatly to how he composes his tracks.
...Space in the spaces...I deeply feel that such droney/field recorded outlet as here brings me back to all these feelings I get when I try to open myself to certain place together with the context of my life's experience. It is a really intimate experience. Thanks for that Jeff


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