Robert Piotrowicz - Rurokura and Eastern European Folk Music Research Volume 2 7 "

Track List
Side: Wedding
1. Greek Catholic Stork Boy Choir of Ozerki Village ( Soldiers' Meeting Autumn 1967)
2. Mołomotki Ocarina Orchestra ( Open Air Show, Spring 1928)

Side: Funeral
1. School Girl Band of Gromovaya Balka ( Perfromed on 10th Anniversary of Emil Cioran )
all instruments by Robert Piotrowicz
drawing: Anna Zaradny
design of label: Michał Kopaniszyn
Design of cover: Lasse Marhaug

I guess it is a sheer waste of time to bring out how well experienced and imaginative musician Robert Piotrowicz is, which is of course a fact out of the question.
What struck me at first was that Robert gives a really interesting outlet as a composer which to me is a novelty bearing in mind that most of the works I know of him are improvised pieces.
Next thing is that the whole music that this 7" contains very smoothly moves out of easy classification as plunderphonic or tape music which felt this way at first.
Robert's composing technique falls into "individual" file and it is not mere exaggeration to say that this is a great advantage here.
The source material used here are the recordings of the past - folk music, sometimes field recorded somehow makes a perfect blend with composition which in this case isn't modular synth based - Robert's speciality.
Flexible and tense underneath as well as of certain depth which I like when it comes to cross - contextualized works based on lost world music.
perfect cover for perfect music which reminds me rather of cheap marriage invitation leaflet rather than usual grubby vinyl cover.
Wedding and Funeral as a buckle keeping together two parts of the same story. Reference to what makes life and finishes life. A piece defintely worth to be remembered.
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