int035 nmperign “Ommatidia” CD

Nmperign are so well respected in the world of improvised music that no one can actually deny their status of one of the  Maine's finest ( Greg) and New Orleans' finest (Bhob).
A decade after their debut they prolong their vision of a breathworking machine that works perfectly. A good introduction for somebody who hasn't listened to their stuff yet.
Inventive and splattered as always their music is a real deal case when it comes to absurd sense of humour which for me is a nice stuff - it never gets to the point where most academics get which is being so overwhelmingly serious and dense that it becomes boring and utterly said useless. Witty and sparkling ...
what is new fact here is that Bhob and Greg have recorded this album totally without any extra collaborators which became sort of a tradition with their previous albums, be it Jason Lescaleet, Guenther Mueller, Axel Doerner, Andrea Neumann, Burkhard Beins. And also the production is different as they usually recorded their stuff onto a portable means such as dictaphone recorder or MD.
It gives a sort of fresh feel to it - like an opening of a window on a sunny summer morning...Warm refreshing, cool and vibrant, that what I really need on a freezing and gloomy Tuesday morning like this.


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