Chefkirk & Ironing "Notorious" hymn 29

Track List
1. Notorious
2. American Scene
3. Skin Trade
4. A matter of feeling
5. Hold me
6. Vertigo (Do the demolition)
7. So Misled
8. Meet El Presidente
9. Winter Marches on
10. Proposition

Chefkirk - no-input mixer + sampler
Ironing - microcassette transcriber, handheld microcassette player, record player
Recorded June 2008, New Orleans, LA
No Duran Duran records were injured in the making of this recording
Roger Smith a.k.a. Roger H. Smith and Ironing a.k.a. Andrew Chadwick have put a delightful, minimal feast to my ears owing to the fact that thye mastered the use of limitations to the full. What might be a deceiful means which is overused within the conceptual genre here is a conscious choice of weapon which proves to be a nuclear blast.
Chefkirk gives a radiating and resonating ambience of no-input whizz in a way that it isn't overloaded with distortion, just gives what it should.
Ironing delivers a set of micro-tonal outburst which has a multi dimensional feel to it.
Overall view has a very positive output - rich, nicely flavoured dish with surprises. Yummy!!!! My notorious kindda stuff...


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