V.A. Bigbendui 2009 http://www.nkmc.lt


Zita Bružaitė. Hacker's Dance 8'16


Antanas Kučinskas. Looped & Unlooped 5'25


Antanas Jasenka. bb machine 4


Gintaras Sodeika. Safety Curtain 3'11


Arturas Bumšteinas. Esperantosound 5'24


Ignas Krunglevičius. Elections 4'54


Ramūnas Motiekaitis. Seen and Unseen 5'57


Loreta Narvilaitė. A Night when Petals are Washed out by Rain 4'07


Linas Rimša. Enjoying Christmas'99 5'09

Record company: New Music Communication Centre
Year of publication: 2009
Media: CD
Duration: 46'23

I recently acquired this cd from a friend of mine Arturas Bumsteinas.
The list of musicians

Bružaitė, Kučinskas, Jasenka, Sodeika, Bumšteinas, Krunglevičius, Motiekaitis, Narvilaitė, Rimša

seemed interesting.

From the start I had a notion that it is a side track of them especially that the reason for this compilation is a big band music.

This reference is a nice idea of doing something with lithuanian academical musicians. When it comes to the compositions it seems that the traditional arrangements here are just are foreground to subtle experimentation with the structure and palette of tones.

The most interesting track to me was one of Antanas Jasenka and Arturas.Their experience proved to be useful when it comes to arrangements and making the tracks both interesting and having a clearer sense of musical pursuit.

It is a really nice one example of how the musical scene in Lithuania evolves and develops its roots. It is not a landmark of musical genius but a very good guide to what is going on there...good stuff.


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