Aabzu "Rambo" by Audiotong

AABZU - Rambo
[AT CD05.2010]

1. Mystery Of Life
2. What Would You Die For, John?
3. Heroes Never Die
4. First Blood
5. Things With Molecular Structure
6. Dream Of Freedom
7. Bullets And Bombs (Fly In All Directions As The Indestructible Rambo Works His Way)
8. Scientists vs. Rambo (A Good Supply Of Body Bags)
9. Sum Of Our Sins
10. Many Happy Endings
11. Mystery Of Life (Teho Teardo Remix)
12. First Blood (Kika Mix) feat. Mian Mian

Well, this is what I haven't surely expected, at least on that short notice. Audiotong which is a cultural outlet managed by Marcin Barski in Cracow covers a netlabel, a regular record publishing site, cultural events organiser deals with a variety of moods, styles, types and genres - free improv, noise, "laptop" music and many more.
To put out such material is really challenging, not only for a publisher which is a stance of balancing idm/post techno course with wider manner of experimentalism which this recordings deals with - which on one hand is difficult as it doesn't fit entertaing beat sounds drawer. And challenging for a listener - as this is a real eye-opener for capturing wider perspective of so called idm music which I hate to use here.
Łukasz Szałankiewicz a.k.a Zenial and Maciej Szymczuk are two guys who come from different but not completely different backgrounds. Zenial started in late 1990's with his demo scene project Pal Secam introducing a wide array of beat related sounds then evolving into the direction of self-didact conceptual sound design and sound art blending noise/drone/conceptual approach. Maciek is a guy whose amiable and elegant foreground of post techno stuff gives a background for further experimenting with sounds.
"Rambo" released after quite a while (first album was released by joined forces of Vivo and now defunct Simlog label) brings back the moods and climaxes of the genre they worked out for themselves whcih is a post techno experimentalism. Reminds me of Sutekh cramped with more experimental approach, add free form, add real joy, add corporal body movement inferiorating the listener, add art, add take-it-easy approach mingled with clear sense of structure and direction...Maturity of attaing the goals that's what most of the musicians dream of. Accomplished!


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