"Our faceless empires" Manuel Mota Ernesto Rodrigues Ernesto Sturm Diaz Infante Gion Robair by Pax Recordings

I haven't heard any recording with Ernesto Sturm Diaz Infante since a few years what made me welcome the cd with great pleasure. Aan in addition there's a fine line up of Manuel Mota (electric guitar), Gino Robair ( energized surfaces/voltage made audible) and Ernesto Rodrigues (viola) which is great.
It's a document of two different passages in improvised music - both represneted by european and american artists which certainly have different styles but complement each other greatly.
I guess with all the collaborations and mostly with collaborations of 3 or more people at the same time here's a need for certain type of composition and logic in it which this recording bears. As with all the Creative Sources recordings we have plenty of action: sudden twists, sizzling sonorous explorations and more free-improv style which is Sturm Diaz Infante's style - a string metal machine mechanics - style that cannot be mistaken.
There's a certain influence of concrete music what is great add - the structure is very delicate and abstract and concrete sounds are always a sort a danger in such context - might be too strong and harsh - an oxymoron.
The pieces are sure shot to enjoy - they are not too exaggerated, and most of all there's plenty of subtleness and delicacy which for me is the greatest asset - communication between musicians is just bloming. More from Pax recordings!!!


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