Monotype has been continuously releasing big names which sometimes may seem questionable, as a matter of fact can be a great way of being puzzled. One way it's usually a hoax as in terms of Karkowski who is a big name but hasn't offered anything out-of -his-usual style for years. okay okay, he's good and interesting craftsman, but that's what about it. That's what about it when it comes to profis - they walk the path they worked out - they can embelish it or leave it as it is which is just being lazy.
The other way is defining yourself every single album you prepare...the highway or the my way...
There is also another path which is a blend of ideas and types: in this case - a collaboration

Rebuses are the meeting of the minds.
Something which cannot be sold in an easy-to-go improv label.
Something which is at times bedazzingly challenging to listen as the sound might be disturbing in terms of studio production
Something which leaves you out of space and place impressed by...


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