Kill Krinkle Club "Abandon" 2010 Toy Ship records TSR 103

I haven't been updating my blog recently as the time curses swirls all around but the stack of the cds I have been sent to seems to grow huge. And at the same time I have been offered so wide variety of genres to review that I have to re-arrange the idea for this outlet whisch seemed to be only experimental stuff which now is too narrow for me and gives some fresh air too.
There's been a recent flow of materials and projects which were smartly named chill wave which really doesn't have an impact on what I call this music myself. it's really difficult to keep the trail of it, but most importantly as with all the labels and names - it is just to justify yourself with the idea and sombre question: I dunno what the heck should I call it and do about it.
Justin Commins and Elina Bergman as I am told met by chance in one of the Dublin bars which evoked an idea of a musical project. And what a meeting of the minds!
using the idiom of Human League, Soft Cell and 80's pop their ingenious musicality sense emergeed in a sophisticated form where many parts fit together so well. Well...the influences, reflections and recollections.I must say there are plenty: haziness of My Bloody Valentine without the distortion of the guitars, Animal's Collective, Panda Bear, archetypal vocals of 60's power pop, but foremostly them - using synths and sequencers to get the helluva energy from the inside. What I like about this cd is also the arrangements - seems like Elina and Justin have a great musical background and don't want to take shortcuts by any chance - which is a great asset!
Being cut off from typical poppy trash which I am fed up with I always tried to look closely at all these bands which use the term "pop" only as an idiom to convey something deeper. Seems like I have found something which will keep my eyes more open. Thanks!!!


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