Michael Vorfeld new cd on Monotyperecords

Strangely enough and surprisingly to myself I sometimes make the comparisons of the concept idea for the music of the improvised music scene to noise scene especially when it comes to the techniques of creating the soundscapes and background, the usage of the already exisiting instruments and the ones you can invent for Yourself.
Michael Vorfeld is and accomplished ( may i use this word for still searching and experimenting artist ?) artist with so many residencies and projects held in art centres all around the world with great concept for his music: using lightbulbs, drums and self-made stringed instruments makes a great prelude to what is happening later on: which is a truly great material ranging way outwards of the borders of the typical improvised music. With such experience using these tools in an appriopriate way makes the creative process not an escapism into the flamboyant technical play but sets up a perimeter around your basic idea...pleasure to listen.


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