Finglebone Adam Varney "Fulk', "Empty Room", "23"

I approached Adam's work with no definite pre-conceptions on what I am going to listen and downloading his free 3 albums from Bandcamp I tried to open myself to new possibilities of gettin through a vast terrain of work he has made with so minimal utensils as lo-fi field recordings, electroacoustic guitar and some electronics.
Usually with gentle layers of guitar sound and very little droning we should have some musical wallpaper which doesn't seem to be very interesting but what Mr Finglebone did is just great in terms of getting as much as possible from as little as possible. The guitar is no by any means hazy, it's more subtle and melancholical themes that it's getting all about. Background electronics and field recordings play a distant but yet important role and they never collide or overwhelm the main part. Together with a perfect artwork of Adam's authorship seems a great listen that I had over a week or so.


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