“Arena Ladridos”by Chris Cogburn, Bhob Rainey , Bonnie Jones

Bonnie Jones- electronics
Bhob Rainey - soprano saxophone
Chris Cogburn - percussion

“Arena Ladridos”
Label: Another Timbre at35
Released: 2010

Now here's a good editior's choice. I have been listenint go this album on and and on since Simon has sent it to me and the sign that I can do it continually has given me a hint that there's something I miss with great many of the improvised music albums which is a slow shift into the composition area.
I am always up to listen what Bhob has to say and it gave a great pleasure to find out that good ol' Bhob is here to stay. He embellishes and crafts his input in a master's manner. Strangely enough I got a feeling that driven by the collaborative and cooperative spirit he puts himself a bit aside giving the place to Chris and Bonnie. Well I really feel this is how it should be when it comes to stting up the roles in the drama. I will definitely come back to this cd on and on.


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