Denis Kolokol "Proud To Be Loud" Audiotong co-released with MATHKA label, MTHK03 2011

Being musician makes you seek for new and new ways of expression both in terms of the composition and the structure of the material as well as the technological means to transpose the ideas into flesh of the musical track. Since so much time I have spent on intensive and extensive listening of music I deeply feel that the quality lies in ideas and the concept rather than the technological means. The pressure you put onto the ultimate technological search certainly leave behind the creative spirit and the challenging obstacles you can encounter during the whole process.
Having said that Denis Kolokol's first cd(!) is a way more ahead of many improvised gems I could ever imagine. The obvious reasons for liking this material as the perfect time-space balance and first outburst of this experienced ukrainian composer now residing in Cracow, Poland are preceded by so much skill and craft and ingenuity put into the composition which really feels like giving a new paths in experimental improvised music dominated by sonorous trips. Vocal parts mingled with acoustic guitar tracks and their processing, drone and harshy bits with laptop treatise, analogue synths so delightfully and subtly referring to synth psychedelia...I cannot recount all the raisins in this cake. Denis, it was so worth waiting for Your full release!!!


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