hin | cs159

Urs Leimgruber - soprano & tenor saxophone
Ulrich Phillipp - double bass
Nils Gerold - flute, piccolo
Creative Sources Records led by Ernesto Rodrigues is a class for itself when it comes to publishing the qualitative materials from all the corners of Europe and the rest of the world. The biggest asset of this label is that it never blocks itself in just one alley, one path of musical thinking, composing or improvising aspect or path.
Three gentlemen here present a very mellow and straight-forward approach. Acoustic improvised tracks derived from free improv bear yet a great deal of ingenuity and intimacy which is rather rare when we talk about music which doesn't really include all kinds of drones or burdones which usually falsify the meaning of ambient. Not everything what creates great ambience should neccesarily bear such means.
...with a lot sense of humor...Nils' flute and picollo pay attentive watch over the whole of material not to be overdone.
Very pleasant experience...thanks Ernesto!


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