Turnip Farm - All the tangled girls

Rarely do I review the albums which bear any kind of guitar music imprint. Turnip Farm is one of the groups that Kuba Ziołek from highly praised band Ed Wood( not without a reason as Ed Wood is a great band). I guess rock music like this has come to the turning point where references are no longer needed - there is so much of unique style especially with the vocalist manner and the introduction of the choruses - really mellodious stuff which reminds me of Pavement, Dischord traditions, Sensless Things. It's all grungey but keeps the profile of invention at hand and together with the length doesn't make any tiresome experience as with many crappy indie bands which are a complete disgrace. I guess it is for the personality of the group as a whole and individual members that proves to be a worthwhile experience..even if these are only songs, I hear from my mate...no, these are the "power off the song" songs. Keep it up dudes...!!!


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