Fear Konstruktor "Oktophony"

I just got this cd encased in a tin beautifully manufactured and I astounded by one thing - what you get and what you listen is so much aligned with the cover, the artwork.
Staying away from a feeble classification of noise/drone I would rather say that this piece of(mind you!) art work is a high class musical endeavour which proved to be highly successful in acheiveing its aim.
Nikita Evsuk has done a tremednous work on this to keep the whole stuff climatique and yet perspiring with the references to some of the best avant analogue experiments. There is a great deal of freshenss in what he does, not just as a musical manipulation but great deal of "musicality" about the construction and composition.
Cover and tin case artwork is another dimension. It gets right where it should with the slight reference to post industrial style but not achieved by dark and grimey accents but by and industrial package designs which reminds me of the old stylistics of the 1950's and 1960's.
New Nihilism makes its way by sparse put outs which seems to be much better policy than churning out theidiom of plenty cramming your shelves with dozens of releases which you forget very easily about. This one is sure not the one to be forgotten. Bless Ya guys!!!


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