Robert Piotrowicz and C.M. von Hausswolff on 12" limited to 200 copies

This nicely encased 12" vinyl released by Bocian Records a newbie record label managed by Grzegorz Tyszkiewicz who has a great adventure back in the 1990's and 1980's behind him leading Marchlewski joint back then was a great appendix to what I have been into when I longed for nicely done composition.
I have no doubt whatsoever in Robert Piotrowicz's composing techniques and abilities as he usually presents diversity and great surprise in the most of positive way and he never fails to do that. C.M. von Hauswolff has already established himself as an artist of his own kind and genuinely original in his own field.
The vinyl is divided into two parties.
Robert's part is a condensed study of analogue synth, dleicate and erratic bass drone slowly evolving into a structure of dense particle absorbtion and giving an outlet for subtlety.
von Hauswolff presents a bit of a different side - hidden and quiet which could be used as a contemplative piece for art exhibition or sound installation.
What I deeply feel is that these two sides cannot really exist without each other and work very complementary. They also prove the felxibility of both artists and their class. Good listen! More out of Bocian, please


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