Fear Konstruktor ''Numbers'' by chaosynod ''Return to reason'' by Strabismus tapes, ''Nonexistence'' by Peripheral records

Nikita Evsuk has a special place in my mind because of many reasons. His linear retro-futurist infused drone noise bears so much healthy flavour of everything what's best in DIY approach without any pretentious and la-di-dah artsy fartsy shadows.
Three different releases, three different formats - quite a struggle but a worthy one too. Having said that it was worthy challenge to cover all those three and stimulating at the same time. A food for thought and imagination looped in my mind with Chlebnikoff futuristc zaum langauge and non-linear prospects in mathematics. Somehow the slavic gods find their way back walking into footsteps of future traits...Nikita is somehow entangled to me in the archetype of a russian fairy tale protagonist - a daring one which never fears but looks out for the prospects and resolves the issues on his own terms.
Rich like Pavlova's desert cream structure of the drone work, mechanical ambience and foremostly return to eternal power of analogue lab magic. Can anyone dream of anything better??? Spasiba Tiebie, Nikita!


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