ERNESTO DIAZ-INFANTE: Civilian Life on Pax Recordings

I guess it has been around 10 years or so since Ernesto released his last album. And a worth waiting this one is too.
Ernesto is quite deeply set in singer-songwriter folkesque flow which doesn't mean that this is quite obvious in his music, Why I pinpoint this is because his style is hugely unique and reaches far points beyond typical free impro based on sonorous clichee which Ernesto nicely surpasses. There is plenty of smashing and elaborate guitar work here, intruguing and both deep to feel this piece more of spiritual journey to the ultraworld of inner emotions feelings and intuitive game rather than just a solid piece of art. It comes together with wide array of acoustic instruments - from guitars to tibetan singing bowls...he is not afraid to experiment into unknown outlet and the craft and the experience bind everything together like a nice buckle.
The other side of the music included into this album is the artist itself - there is a point in time of every artist I guess - when the musical endeavours and the pursuit is enriched by your life experience. The energy of music speaks for itself and the creative flow uses its own idioms and own phrases rather than artist trying to convey something for himself. This is the story of a man being played by a music. Listen to it!


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