Fuka Lata "Saturn Melancholia"

I had quite a problem with putting Fuka Lata, polish duo into a "niche" or "category" which definitely is a good way to introduce music. Saturn Melancholia is a set of 7 songs set between axis of treated vocals, synthie and guitar lines. It is close either to trip hop but without pushy 3/4 beats entering the domain of rather elusive freakish climax. The set like this gives obvious associations with some of the finest Cocteau Twins or Kranky albums but the style is set somewhere completely else. I guess it is thanks to Lee Dvd's eerie vocals and fine guitar work of Mito Day who stray out of any complexes and obviousness. Really relaxing at the same time as it doesn't incline any unecessary harshness. It is not overwhelmed by too much of experimentalism and gives a nice output. Bliss...


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