Ron Anderson / Robert L. Pepper / David Tamura / Philippe Petit - Closed Encounters of the 4 Minds

Public Eysore Records has been on my mindset for years as I am always amazed by the versatility of Bryan Day as an accomplished graphic designer, instrument builder and active musician. He never ceased to make a really interesting output, even now after years of struggling with lack of time and energy. The newest release by a quartet of four musicians Ron Anderson Robert L. Pepper David Tamura Philippe Petit brings back the long lost link between instrumental free improvisation and slight touch of very densely textured electronics put into digestible wholeness of sound and tone and colour. Reeds and strings mingled with quite harmonious holarchy. There are really interesting bits which come out of merely improvised bangle but lead towards very advanced composition thanks to the art of listening and experience of musicians which use a wide array of means to utilize here. Superflexible and giving excellet flow to the scenario of this event.


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