Names Divine - "Xibalba Be" - "Something Vague and Maybe Rotting" - Rob Steele and the Black Relationship by Call Me on the Allophone, Names Divine

Maine, US has always been a great source of diverse and forward looking music for year - be it junk noise no fi performance art of Crank Sturgeon, art folksy proggy acid songs of Cerberus Shoal or snorus sonorus sounds of Greg Kelley and Bhob Rainey.
Names Divine comes from Portland in Maine and as a collective consists of few people involved
Guitar/vocals/lyricisms: Kendra Calhoun
Violin/vocals: Ike Floor
Drums: Lukas Wolever
Bass: Justin Cheng
Tambourine: Lara Bourbon
Clarinet: Kalina Malyszko
Trumpet: Joe Dummitt
Rhodes: Ben Boye
It came across as a refreshing blend of different elements who mould diverse genres in an overal form of songs with vocals. Free range blend of lyrical and melancholical approach of acid jazz/punk and improvisation reminds me of Canterbury RIO best years as well as any freedom induced genre that comes straight from the creative spirit of communal friend gathering.
Bring it on, it is divine!!!!


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