ZENIAL - Connection Reset by Peer // ZOHAR 027-2

Zenial is a musical veteran who started quite long time ago as a teenager within late 90s demoscene oscillating in experiments on the basis of experimental drum\drill n´bass, simple tracker  software available at that time – cross referenced by inspirations of wide flux of electronic music,IDM,  records blending it all with neophyte´s and partisan experiment ruling on its own set of principles as for sound and composition. Throughout all those years you could see his evolution drifting to other terrains and never being s,happy with outer underground musician status – he started to challenge himself more and more by collaborating with different artists within scheme of audio art and sound design.
His remixes soaked in hard step cold ghost of post-techno experiments made the way to more free form experiments on the verge of drone\noise\impro.
His current cd, put out by Zoharum sets out a new course after few years of his absence and presents the Picture of a solid base of his activity – drone mixed up with sizzling repetitous noise. Field recordings with walls of highly magnetized outbursts of blast through laptop and devices´ interfce.
The whole blend served in decent graphic attire which makes a strong sense of encounter with a mature artist who knows how to explore his own domain through self-made language built on his experience.
Steady dose of noise whıch involves the listener and shows diversity of means.


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