Grzegorz Bojanek ~ Remaining Sounds

A very succesful experiement of blending extraterrestial ambient sounds with reeds and synths. I was a little bit put off at first by the clichee title but it slowly deteriorated as I listened on and on - it might have been better album if it didn't stay in one path of experiementing with reeds but...Grzegorz keeps everything in a nice pulsating and reverbrating wholeness and as you listen to it on and on it seems that he has a very ample approach to mixing improvised tracks with something that is purely composed and follows the foreground outlet.
Primary instrument here is clarinet which is more or less a pole in a game, a chess pawn which foresees what is going to happen next - sometimes it plays bigger role and adds an extra harmony to glitchy background - sometimes it is limited to few sonorous outbursts.
What is an asset here is the sound - far far away from any clichees, very inventive way of creating ambience by not using typical ambient pads.
Overall a very good piece which I hope will move on and develop as Grzegorz will continue to keep on good work.


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