Innercity Ensemble Katahdin

It's always difficult to review materials which you have a very emotional approach. But listening to this definitely makes me feel at ease knowing that collaboration of Ensemble memebers from completely different backgrounds makes sense thanks to an excellent idea of Kuba Ziołek, a mastermind behind many great projects.
Conflicting as it may seem but very creative as for the artistic output, Innercity Ensemble got its potential from diversity of backgrounds the musicians represent. Rafał Iwański and Rafał Kołacki who are  running magickal droney acoustics of Hati with cross reference of La Monte Young's minimalism and post-industrial grime Radek Dziubek who participated in pictoresque post-rock act of Blimp instantly finds himself well dormant and cosy in any stylistics as his musical knowledge and openess drive him to intuitive pulse of attentive mind. Tomek Popowski whom I always associated with post hard core noise of Ed Wood goes into subtlety of percussives and steers away from any musical stereotype showcases his own language of polyrhytmic furnace of sounds. Wojtek Jachna is on the other hand in charge of wind instruments adds a great deal of melancholy - I am not sure if it works thi way but to me there is comprehensive deal of unique slavic melancholy here. And Artur Maćkowiak - an absolutely underrated musician - here responsible for guitars and synths.
Being the first album of Innercity Ensemble it instantly grasps the style of this great band: a polyrhytmic base with microtonal freshness, elusive electronics, free jazz and improvised music spirit, guitar fitting right into the pendulum of the vibe,  a certain deal of nice pathos and distant glitchy swirls. I believe it will be improving and developing itself into path of non-repetitive, always-surprising keeping away from clichees ....
Very  ... touching listening....


  1. Hub, popraw proszę nazwę: Innercity łącznie, nie rozdzielnie

    danx i pozdro,



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