Maciek Szymczuk is one of those people that are a some sort of link between late 1980's polish underground music and something somewhat isolationist's musically - post techno chillout but in a manner of experimental likes of Warp music and drum n' bass cover.
There is great deal of continuity going on here - when you compare other records from Maciek and Aabzu made together with Zenial. Some fresh energy is being added by guest appearances.
Meterological atmosphere of the cd is significant - quite soft and delicate and at times very dark and stormy with add-on of syncopated rhythms derived from glitchy drum n' bass.
The first 100 copies came together with a cd-r full of remixes which was a really nice addition and perspective on what Maciek composed himself.
The cd is very soothing so to speak but Maciek's eloquence and musical perspectives open it to a completely new range. A very refreshing piece.


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