Phobos "Live on earth"

Trying to find good aspects of overused idiom it is really a hard job to do at times.
Live materials in terms of ambient or experimental music never made sense to me as we all know that this music is processed heavily and doesn't have the dynamics of the rock music or other genres which are more based on instruments rather than variations of sound manipulation.
The first thing I noticed is very bad sound quality which is really a downside of this cd. With such a delicate matter as ambient music this is a really crude aspect which cannot be really overlooked.
Phobos makes a good piece of sound design and it is definitely an accomplished artist from the label which I personally don't reach for that often but it would make a tremendous difference if it saw a better production. Here it just sounds like a bootlegged document from outer space.
And this is it really- cannot really push forward any opinions on this material as it lacks basic production quality what at the same time makes it really difficult to judge.


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