Synapsis "Materia"

Andrzej and Dawid come from south part of Poland and divide the hardships of life with the hobby of doing experimental music. I would say this is a perfect situation for making something free range without any compulsory urges of doing comissional art works and maintaining the picture of themselves as the accomplished artists. The point is that they can call themselves "accomplished artists" as Synapsis showcases an extraordinary example of craft in acclaimed genre of drone/dark ambient/noise.
Craft in creating a mood which sinks into you and leaves a great deal of forward thinking perspective. At the same time, strangely enough, very soothing - the relevance of building up the climaxes.
Materia has a great cover, I rarely write about covers but a bridge between the heavy industry back in medieval times in Poland and communist reminescence of it in a strange socrealist style leaves a great edge to the whole production - a clean cut and highly professional.
These two guys deserve more attention - the formula is so deep and wide that it can be used in many different contexts - also the one which is beyond the experimental music's ghetto.
Good work!


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