X Navi:et - Aqualuna published by Zoharum

Rafał Iwański is a member of Hati project which is derived from both magickal ethnic post industrial and is set deep into minimalistic ideas of La Monte Young.
I was really tempted to see how is this trance raga of polyrhytmic equations might be more slender in a form of electronic voyages. The Zoharum release is joint of Iwański work and Anna Pilewicz video art which suits this genre perfectly.
Instead of Hati's pure organic wooden flask of curiosities Aqualuna shows a side kick  to what Rafał normally composes - lots of electronic minimalism with edgy soundscapes of loop effects void and murky climaxes of feedback idioms.
Aqualuna might be taken as something of overused term "ambient" but I would go a little bit further than that as there is plenty of action on the second plane - background preparations are almost invisible but add an extra quality which defines it in a broader view on almost oneironautical trip of this great interactive material.


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