Acclimate "Songs for dead"

Acclimate, a project of a New Zealander spreads its wings between 1990's acclaimed electronica, murky ambiental swirl of inventive sound design.
As the author itself worked together with Phillip B.Klinger aka PBK which later lead to having a solo project there is definitely specific hometaping feel to it. Not necessarily hi-fi way of sound treatment, unusual and unorthodox way of composing experimental ambient makes it worthwhile to plunge into this grimey microcosm of sounds and Yes, good ol' beats are here to stay. Artemis embelishes it into nice amalgam of post -industrial sampladelia and a touch of post-techno.
It feels that New Zealand was way between what is new and what is in austere way innovative keeping freshness and old traits in well conditioned package.
Atmospherical soundtrack of Acclimate is here to stay.


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