1st of December 2013 OTO Cafe London - Hati and Innercity Ensemble

1st of December 2013 OTO Cafe London

Rafał Iwański - gongs, percussion
Rafał Kołacki - gongs, percussion

Innercity Ensemble

Radek Dziubek - laptop, pads
Rafał Iwański - gongs, percussion
Wojtek Jachna - trumpet, electronics
Rafał Kołacki - gongs, percussion
Artur Maćkowiak - guitar, effects
Tomek Popowski - drums, percussion
Kuba Ziołek - guitar, effects

On 1st of December we will have the chance to see the shared double bill of two very diverse line-ups which accidentally share the person of Rafał Iwański and Rafał Kołacki from Hati. A really rare chance to see such great bands which present outstanding musical and stylish eloquence as well as great background of musicians involved.
Both musicians of Hati started off early in 1990's experimenting with post-punk and experimental industrial music and withdrew themselves off the narrow alley of electronic music early off deciding that they need to steer away from the clichees repeated in Polish underground at that time taking on more acoustic approach. Their decision laid the matter of form and function in more ritualistic and minimal music idiom which set them close to such experimenting musicians as Z'ev and La Monte Young or simply put them closer to the natural and deep ethnic music in this case devoid of the typical new age or typically meditative approach. Working hard on their style they combined many different aspects of both careful composition and introvertive but yet quite harmonious improvisation. Since their early 2000's debut they tirelessly promoted their music and developed the sonic formula releasing vinyls and cds and playing around Europe and USA. Rafał Iwański started his off top project X-Navi:Et which has more electroacoustic flair to it.  This time they will promote their newest album released on vinyl by Zoharum

Innercity Ensembly truly deserves the name of All-Star orchestra as it consists of musicians from so much diverse backgrounds that it even more surprises with it form which is very firm and stern not having the typical eclectical mix that many times feels like a burden the musicians involved cannot really cope with. Both Hati members, Radek Dziubek who is known by playing in very enigmatic and ever changing post-rock project called Blimp active in 1990's and 2000's, Wojtek Jachna known from excellent free improvised jazzy duo Buhl Jachna, Artur Maćkowiak who experiments with guitar and two members of noise rock line up of Ed Wood - Tomek Popowski and Kuba Ziołek. The last one initiated the whole project and works for the credit of ever-busy and ever-changing silhouette of experimental musician and publisher successfully released likes of Alameda Trio, T'ien Lai Tin Pan Alley and his solo project Stara Rzeka. Innercity Ensemble greatly enriched by the previous experiences of all the musicians brings out perfect blend of electronica, guitar and wind based improvisation with gamelan of rhythmical ingenuity. A rare chance to see a real diversity which stays away from present, even in so-called underground, generic and snobbish audition pleasing muzak or overrated jazz.


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