Mirt "rite of passage"

What to do with the album that is so post-everything that  so difficult to categorize thanks to natural eloquency of the musician involved...? Mirt was always a great provider of a vision encapsulated in great graphical set and self-attained vision of studio sound that is rather unique in a hectic and  world of laptop produced music.
Soft touch of great music production and as always a theme and a concept behind it made me realize years ago that Mirt matured over the years and embellished his concept.
Synthesized soundtrack of imaginary trash zombie movie enriched with field recordings and excerpts of dialogues from old south bourbon stenching movies and processed sounds of live instruments and composed sounds of analogue synth modules which Mirt produces together with Mantiwhore from New Nihilism.
I just crave for more. Excellent music!!!


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