Alameda 3 "Późne królestwo"

Kuba Ziołek has been quite busy with different projects he set up with musicians of diverse backgrounds. Alameda 3 is one of them.
On the outside it just seems like a post-rock infused noise which I can easily associate with the likes of Dissolve or Flying Suacer Attack but there seems to be much more than that. The music on this cd is more of a ritual based on drone ambient haze of deep guitars and inspirations of Magma, krautrock from Germany and France without any pompous treble of proggie rock which is closer to Art Bears or other Canterbury RIO movement plus a surplus of japanese noise rocked psychodelia.
This is just a shape of things that have deeper issue going on there - its philosophy - a traversed jewish qbbalah mysticism into modern rephlexion upon the state of humanity which simply doesn't have any optimistic outlook especially in the light of huge gap between the development of technology leaving behind the development of consciousness. The text taken from Leah Goldberg helps in understanding that - a very worth-reading reference.
I tend to like more and more the idea put into this. Great listen!


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