Stara Rzeka "Cień chmury nad ukrytym polem " by Instant Classic

Stara Rzeka is a solo project of Kuba Ziołek(Ed Wood, Innercity Ensemble). The album comes as a cassette (via Few Quiet People) and a limited cd (Instant Classic). Both versions differ, not only in terms of a graphic design which has a reference to old polish folk art implemented in more mortuary way of reminding of death and perenial philosphy.
This solo outburst of Kuba is more intimate statement. On the shallow verge it could be described as something of a blend between folded folk music with essence of noise rock and acclimatised black metal feel to it. But between the drones and pulses and rhythms you can easily hear the reference to somewhat realistical assesment of state of European culture - dying essence of something which is losing its grip with the virtues and ideals - long gone in consumerist-run marketing swirl of chaos and decadence.
So it sounds an anthemal version of Nico's song “My Only Child” from “Desertshore" - the minimalistic arrangement is kind of symbolical way of expressing some things which lay forgotten somewhere on the outskirts of culture.


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