TER "Fingerprints" by Catsun

T.E.R. is a moniker of the only female memeber of One Inch of Shadow which makes a great debut by releasing her first cd "Fingerprints"
Well, enough said, the album was truly worth waiting for since I heard about the initial intention of making it couple of years ago.
First track is embedded in droney synth theme which si very close to what Mirt or One Inch of Shadow could have made if they were more rhythm oriented and deeper into 1980's avant new wave. It sorta reminded me of scraps composed by Minimal Man RIP. Magda adds an extra quality bu using some acoustic toys and ethic instruments of  cither and kalimba like instruments.Sum up with great deal of melancholy and there you go - you are already cooked but it's just the first track. Second track starts up with mildly distorted heartbeaten theme slowly accompanied by ethereal live cymbals and percussives - it sounds inna styley of some true experimentalist's manner yet, the arrangement is so greatly balanced that the narration and the eloquence of it is just dazzling.
Third track starts with african beat slowly going into post-techno dubbed zig zags with very soft tone of synth in the background which seems an oddball but so much deep and soothing.
Fourth track is again embalmed in soft thuds of beats but it has deconstrutive valour to it by incorporating analogue sytnths and 80's claps out of the guts of drumm machine.
Fifth tracks is an excellence of soft female touch of music that is so much post post post of everything that it is really difficult to associate it with certain style. Ambient like harmonies with delicate beat thomps and chops of field recorded acoustic instruments far far in the background.
Last track is like an synth anthem of long lost yearning - there's an encyclopedia of sensations and emotions in it with clear and transparent composition. A great ending to the album that seems to me like a hidden agenda of a persuasive monkey brain concept: elusive, eloquent and embarassingly deep. Great stuff


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