Höfnin Hljómar "Islensk Raftonlist"

Praveer Baijal and William Blakeney has recently released a Various Artists compilation of icelandic gems such as Auxpan, Reptilicus, Þóranna Björnsdóttur, Rúnar Magnússon, Þorkell Atlason, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, AMFJ, Gjöll, Inside Bilderberg, Jónas Sen, Björk Viggósdóttir and Stereo Hypnosis.
I have been tracking down icelandic scene since mid 1980's and there was always something interesting to find or look forward to - the artists there being isolated from the rest of the Europe and at the same time transforming influences of music from afar into completely different quality had me stunned and surprised as always.
This compilation proves that the land of volcanoes and ice is reverbrating with great sounds as ever and keeps unique style. We have plenty of great glitch, beaty attacks of modular analogue synths, etheral guitar work, intriguing electroacoustics with vocals infused with some new beat sounds but modified so much that it doesn't gain any rust at all, soft ambient lines with soulful ambience.
If you ask me how would I clasify this album - well. I wouldn't - there's great deal of experimentalism here but everything mostly revolves around synth flavoured music with so many references that you can drown in it. It has its depth that is really worth to dig.


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