T'ien Lai "DA'AT" Monotype 2013

Somewhere in between the subliminal zone of radio frequencies, plunderphonic chaos of every day noise and the layers of grey matter comes to light some sort of devoiced vow of excessive human path to "truth".
Kuba Ziołek together with Łukasz Jędrzejczak here surprises as always with great depth of philosophical analysis with unusually transposed references to hebrew qballah tradition and great comments on state of things now. T'ien Lai  is favourite cigarette brand taken from one of Phillip K. Dick's novels which adds up to things
Musically it stays within borders of well composed jam of two musicians driving a vessel and floating in ultraspacey theorems of radio kitsch and deeply rephlexive drones made up of guitars, radio white noise, heavy treated and sampled bits.
This music is so deeply humanistic - it literally paraphrases  everything what is culture made of into the glowin entanglement of what may come and what has already finished.
Great asset - the image - an ethnic tunic with mask of what resembles an emblem of loss.


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